Recycled Wine Barrel Furniture

This custom furniture I hand craft from 100% recycled, local (Soquel, CA), oak wine barrels.  All parts of the furniture are constructed out of a used barrel.  Most of the barrels are made from French oak, a durable hard wood.  I do everything from dismantling the barrel, power-washing the wine sedimentation, custom designing and building the pieces, to staining and finishing.  I clean and seal all surfaces of the wood to protect the beautiful wine stained surfaces as well as to extend the life of the piece.

These pieces are not only beautiful and unique, but environmentally conscious because they are a wonderful way to recycle the wood used in wine barrels.  Although I continuously replicate the various pieces photographed here, each one is unique because of the fact that each barrel is unique.  From the way in which the wood is stained from the wine it previously contained, to the natural fractures and cracks created in the various staves, ensures that each piece constructed is indeed one of a kind piece of functional art.

Custom Furniture

All other furniture projects here are custom pieces hand crafted by me to suit the needs of the customer.

Please take a look at my pieces and feel free to go to the contact page to contact me with any questions you may have about the pieces or to place an order.  Additionally, if you have any other pieces in mind that you don’t see pictured below, send a description of the piece that you are interested in and I’ll custom build it for you.

PR Woodworks

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Project Photos

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